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"- Hey Suzy ! Could you dismantle this ship a little faster ? We don't have all day !
- Faster ? I'm the fastest mecanic of us all, you jerk ! Stop being bossy !
- Girls, don't fight : you know I'M the fastest. And the overall best also...
- ... i know only one way to settle this and avoïd work at the same time : let's have a robot-building contest !"

One day, in the futuristic junkyard you work-at with all your friends, you decide to have a robot-building-contest.
Will you be able to build the most awesome team of 4 robots ?

Ms Droïd is a card & dices game for 2-4 players, with a fair mix of luck, anticipation and gambit.
The game is still very rough gameplay-wise, but i spend a lot of time drawing cool-robots cards, so i think it's worth a look ^^. I'll update it later.


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I offered the game as a gift and they've been playing it, thanks for sharing.

The game seems to easily scale to a bit more players, I feel like if you ever update the game you could add a couple of extra characters (even if you keep the recommended top number of players to 4).

Ho thank you so much for the feedback <3.
I haven't updated my games in a while now, but that's definitivly one i'll try to improve in the future.

I haven't been able to play this yet, but every time I open the page for this game I fall in love for the art style all over again <3

Aww Thx ^^ <3.
I had a lot of fun doodling all those robots : ).
Finger-crossed, i'll make something really amazing with them in the futur : D.

Thx ^^. Dice-games are a little difficult to print-and-play, but it is so good prototyping with dices : ).

I love seeing that you're still using dice, like your Strawberry Jam 2 submission! 

I'll have to get some friends together to try this. 😊